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How Dental Implants Help Your Smile

Dental implants are a marvel of science and innovation. Placed beneath the gums into the jaw, a titanium implant serves as an artificial tooth root, actually bonding to the bone itself. At Carmel Dental Group in Carmel, IN, Dr. Hovda, Dr. Jackson, and Dr. Isyutina use dental implants to restore smiles to natural function and appearance. They could be your tooth replacement solution!

Osseointegration is key

Osseo what? Yes, the term osseointegration isn't an everyday word, but it is the secret to the high success and retention rates offered by dental implants. After your Carmel, IN, dentist examines your mouth, underlying bone and medical history, she likely will qualify you to receive a dental implant--or implant-supported dentures if that's your need.

During the implant treatment, you'll receive local anesthetic. Then, the dentist inserts the titanium implant directly into the jawbone. A few sutures close the site, and almost immediately, the bone begins to adhere to the roughly textured implant. That's osseointegration.

In three to six months, your implant will be strong enough to receive an abutment post and porcelain crown. You'll bite and chew normally, and the bond between your implant and your jaw will continue to strengthen over time.

Other ways dental implants help your smile

1. Your new teeth are fixed in place. Only your dentist can remove dental implants.

2. Care is as simple as twice a day brushing and once a day flossing. Come into the office for your six-month exams and cleanings, too.

3. Your dentist customizes your implant to fit your smile. The color, size, and shape of your new tooth or implant-supported denture will be totally lifelike.

4. You'll enjoy natural biting and chewing. In fact, your implant(s) will be virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

5. You'll feel confident about your personal appearance. Implants are completely stable, never slipping or moving around.

6. Your new teeth should last a lifetime with at-home and in-office care.

7. There's no age limit on implant placement, reports the New York Times. The most critical qualifications are good overall health and sufficient bone in the jaw.

Ready to learn more?

In Carmel, IN, Dr. Cami Hovda, Dr. Olga Isyutina, and Dr. Hannah Jackson enjoy seeing their patients smile with confidence and good health. Dental implants help both doctors and patients reach that goal. For more information on these amazing artificial teeth, contact Carmel Dental Group at (317) 844-0022.

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