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Are You Interested in Teeth Whitening?

Family dentistry is often associated with simple maintenance for the whole family, which is true, but Carmel Dental Group in Carmel, IN, provides cosmetic procedures as well. Drs. Cami Hovda, Olga Isyutina and Hannah Jackson know the importance of appearances and first impressions, so they make teeth whitening available to patients.

More About Teeth Whitening

Teeth become stained with time. It could be a result of poor lifestyle habits, like drinking too much coffee or smoking. It could be because of enamel eroding with age and exposing the yellow dentin underneath. Tooth yellowing could also be a result of poor dental hygiene habits, like not brushing.

Teeth form a yellow film that doesn't go away and stains that aren't cleaned even after brushing. But this is where teeth whitening comes in. Teeth whitening restores the natural color of your teeth, making your stained teeth 4 to 8 shades lighter.

So, what teeth whitening options does family dentistry provide patients?

  • Your Carmel dentist provides patients with a tray whitening system that's completed in two steps. 
    • Step One: Your dentist takes an impression of your teeth and crafts custom whitening trays you can use repeatedly.
    • Step Two: You're given a whitening gel that you put into a tray before placing over teeth.

  • ZOOM! is another option your dentist provides patients. ZOOM! is an in-office teeth-whitening procedure that combines whitening gel and a low-intensity light that activates the gel. This combination can lighten teeth 6 to 10 shades whiter in about an hour.

Need a consultation?

Family dentistry is vital for your whole family's preventative dental care, but it also provides patients with much-needed cosmetic care. Drs. Cami Hovda, Olga Isyutina and Hannah Jackson of Carmel Dental Group have several cosmetic options, like teeth whitening, crowns and dental bonding. Please contact your Carmel, IN, dentist at 317-844-0022 to learn more.

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