The Best Ways To Avoid Cavities

If you want to avoid extra dental treatment, the best thing you can do is to practice good dental habits. Habits that involve proper hygiene at home, regular checkups, and cleanings, and monitoring what you eat. To learn more contact your Carmel, IN, dentists Drs. Cami Hovda, Olga Isyutina, and Hannah Jackson of the Carmel Dental Group.

Battle Against Plaque

Every day plaque builds on our teeth. It's the sticky stuff you feel when you've gone some time without brushing. It's because it is by brushing and flossing that we are rid of it, it's also why your dentist recommends doing so twice a day.

Millions of bacteria make up this biofilm that hardens into a substance called tartar, thanks to the minerals in our saliva if it's not removed. You can be meticulous in your brushing and flossing but chances are some plaque is getting away from you, and once it becomes tartar, only professional dental cleaning can get rid of it.

This is why biannual dental cleanings and checkups are important.

The plaque and tartar that remains feed on the sugary drinks we consume and create acids as a byproduct. These wear away the enamel on your teeth, causing cavities, and can even damage your gums, creating further problems like gum disease.

Cavity Care in Carmel, IN

The good news is even a single dental cleaning can reverse gum disease in its early stages, and during the checkup portion of your visit, your dentist will examine your teeth for signs of trouble. But your visit is more than just about catching cavities, your dentist can also check for other possible dental complications and treat them before they turn into more invasive, and often more costly, problems.

If it's been some time since your last visit, make your appointment today, your dentist is your greatest resource for battling plaque and cavities. Call Drs. Cami Hovda, Olga Isyutina, and Hannah Jackson of the Carmel Dental Group in Carmel, IN, by dialing (317) 844-0022.

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