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Is Mouthwash Essential to Oral Hygiene?

Your Carmel, IN, dentist has some good oral hygiene habits your child should be following.

Using mouthwash can make a positive impact on your children's oral health, so you should consider adding it to their oral hygiene routines. An oral rinse can complement flossing and brushing, but it's not a license to abandon oral health care. The use of an oral rinse does not eliminate the need for flossing and brushing. Here are some things our Carmel, IN, dentists, Dr. Cami Hovda, Dr. Olga Isyutina, and Dr. Hannah Jackson of Carmel Dental Group want you to consider before incorporating a mouthwash into your children's daily routine. 

Reduce Plaque Buildup

Some oral rinses may prevent plaque from building up. Studies have shown that mouthwashes can reduce more plaque when used in addition to brushing compared with brushing alone. Plaque that is not removed with daily brushing and flossing can eventually harden into tartar. 

Prevent Gum Disease

Early gum disease is preventable if you swiftly take action. With gum disease, tooth sockets and gums can get inflamed or infected because of plaque from food and bacteria that linger on teeth. An antibacterial oral rinse, like one with chlorhexidine or alcohol, may help prevent gum disease. Talk to your dentist in Carmel, IN, to learn more about picking the right oral rinse for you.

Prevent Cavities

If your children have had a cavity, they should use a mouthwash that contains fluoride. Mouthwashes with fluoride can help prevent cavities. There are countless studies on the benefits of fluoride in reducing cavitations of the teeth. Look for an oral rinse with fluoride in the ingredients list or on the label (not all of them have it). 

Cure Dry Mouth

A dry mouth can increase the risk of tooth decay. Some mouthwashes are designed to act as saliva substitutes, which help individuals who do not produce enough saliva. Children and adolescents with dry mouth may have to use an oral rinse a few times a day.

Most kids are not as stringent about their daily oral hygiene routines as they should be. Swishing daily with an oral rinse could be a simple way for them to boost their oral health. Our Carmel, IN, dentists, Dr. Cami Hovda, Dr. Olga Isyutina, and Dr. Hannah Jackson of Carmel Dental Group provide dental treatment for patients of all ages. Call (317) 844-0022 to schedule an appointment today.

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